Our story has begun in March 2010, when, during a tough fever that was unlikely to get any better we have made some blood tests to Alessandro. Results shown that it was a bad influenza but transaminase were high. We have repeated similar tests for three subsequent times and for all possible viruses also for hepatitis but all shown no sign of such diseases. Then he has undergone a liver scan but everything looked normal. At that point doctors have decided to go further and without letting us know what were their suspects decided to perform CPK tests. Values shown 130 times the standard maximums. The following two hours we have shifted to Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. The following days the neurologist had visited Alessandro performing a scan at the thigh and somehow shown muscolar myopathy. Therefore the doctor requested a biopsy with a horrible outcome: Alessandro is affected by the Duchenne Muscolar Distrophy.

Medical research has made major steps forwards but unfortunately we are yet to have a cure for this disease. For this reason I have decided to expose myself personally and open a fund named after Alessandro, to appeal for help mobilizing as many people as possible to do something as on the contrary, alone, we can't do much.

For pursuing this scope we have created a dedicated fund through the international organization Parent Project with the aim of funding scientific research for the less common and known mutations:

Thank you to everyone!

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